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Contract DocumentIs It Legal?  - The Video Show That Reviews What Is Right Or Wrong With Law Matters

A segmented “legal services” show provided by paralegals and lawyers engaged in discussions primarily addressing ACCESS TO JUSTICE AND YOUR RIGHTS in matters such as; HIGHWAY TRAFFIC ACT, PROVINCIAL OFFENCES ACT, LANDLORD TENANT BOARD, FAMILY LAW, CRIMINAL CHARGES, HUMAN RIGHTS and more.

Part of the segmented program will be open for call-ins where the public has the opportunity to ask questions to the panel on the topics of the day and to receive free legal information.  Other segments will be oriented more towards the legal profession with issues such as LEGAL AID AND ACCESS TO JUSTICE, EXPANDING SCOPE OF PRACTICE FOR PARALEGALS, THE COURT AND JUDICIAL SYSTEM AND THE PUBLIC'S RIGHT TO DUE PROCESS and more!

There will be opportunities to win prizes such as gift cards for the segment called “DASH CAM GTA” where viewers will be able to submit dash cam videos into the show and where three top videos will be picked every episode with the first prize of a $100 gift card, second prize of a $50 gift card, and third prize of a $25 gift card.  Finally, you never know what unexpected events or guests and surprises will just “show up”.  So don’t miss out and watch “IS IT LEGAL with JOHN PAPADAKIS” on: ThatChannel.com

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