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Traffic Tickets

Convictions for violating the Highway Traffic Act can involve steep fines, demerit points that may result in license suspension, and significant affects upon insurance rates.  Before pleading guilty, speak to a Traffic Ticket Rescue representative - and remember, you are guilty only if, and when, proven guilty within a court of law!

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Various Other Charges

In addition to helping to fight traffic tickets, Traffic Ticket Rescue also helps with many other matters including allegations involving municipal bylaw violations, various provincial offences, and certain criminal code charges.  Just the same as with traffic tickets, speak to a Traffic Ticket Rescue representation before pleading guilty!  

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Types of Cases / Charges

among many others

Small Claims Court

Don't let the name fool you!  Traffic Ticket Rescue is a broad service paralegal office that can also help with many types of cases in the Small Claims Court.

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Landlord Tenant Board

The paralegals within the network of Traffic Ticket Rescue are also well versed in matters heard by the Landlord Tenant Board.

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